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The Event of Education at

20. July 2023 

Too Cool For School

The forward-thinking educational event for the launch of the Free Education Movement

20. July 2023 
at Guteneck Castle

The Free Education Movement advocates for a contemporary, self-determined, and democratic education to prepare young people for a rapidly changing world.

We firmly believe that every person is naturally curious, creative, innovative, and cooperative. Therefore, we strive for education to embrace these human qualities as pillars and recognize them as the key to tackling the challenges of our time.

Our goal is to create a movement that brings about a change in the educational landscape. The Free Education Movement sees itself as a platform that unites visionaries, designers, and entrepreneurs to champion a modern education that not only fosters personal development but also strengthens democratic collaboration.

Together with pioneers, artists, educational designers, and entrepreneurs, we will exchange ideas and embark on paths that drive innovation on a vibrant, inspiring, and creative day.

By integrating artists and the arts, we acknowledge a return to our intellectual roots and values as an essential component of education. We envision an education that embraces the whole person and incorporates the arts as a medium to connect with sensory experiences and essential aspects.


                                    In the words of Friedrich Schiller: "Art is a sister of freedom."


In this spirit, the event offers an opportunity to focus on essential values, realign oneself, and connect with like-minded individuals.

The event is organized and co-created by young people, pioneer parents and educators, educational innovators, artists, creative minds, and innovative entrepreneurs.

Join us and shape the future of education, starting from Bavaria and extending throughout Germany and beyond, together with the Free Education Movement.

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