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Flashes of inspiration 


The beauty of children is that they are still so free and unburdened. They have not yet embraced all the limitations that often hinder us adults from looking beyond our own perspectives and imagining new possibilities.

Imagine a Free Education Movement that allows children and young people to fully unleash their creativity and imagination. Imagine them being encouraged to playfully create something new and share their flashes of brilliance with the world.

These children and youth break through boundaries and forge new paths that we cannot even envision today. They enrich society with new ideas and inspire us all to transcend our own limitations.

The Free Education Movement sees each individual as a creator, artist, and innovator, acting responsibly in service to the greater good and their fellow human beings.

It is a movement that aligns with the values of poets and thinkers, the fine arts, mindfulness, simplicity, and humility.

The young people are the true creators of this new culture. They inspire adults to shed their own limitations and venture into new possibilities. It is a movement that focuses on the true, the beautiful, and the good, being democratic, natural, playful, and serving humanity, with young people at its core.

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