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Education - Entrepreneurship - EDventure 

Welcome to a world where education signifies a burning passion and inspiration,

creating a foundation for a thriving and sustainable society.

A world focused on inspiring young minds to cultivate their creativity, imagination, and problem-solving abilities, as well as develop and strengthen their skills and talents.

Welcome to the Free Education Movement - an educational movement that stands for self-directed and participatory learning.

The Free Education Movement presents a tremendous opportunity for the New Entrepreneurship to advocate for forward-thinking education.

In a rapidly changing world characterized by technological advancements, climate change, globalization, and evolving job markets, we need an education that reverts back to the core of humanity, placing values such as trust, freedom, individuality, and the common good at its core.

Such education paves the way for young individuals to develop as empathetic, curious, inventive, and collaborative personalities who can take responsibility and shape change. It particularly fosters skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, innovation, creativity, and intercultural competence. These qualities and abilities are crucial for addressing future challenges.

We are a democratic movement that brings together young people, pioneer parents, educators, artists, educational innovators, start-ups, and entrepreneurs to develop and implement innovative solutions to meet the demands of our time.

We are open to all who share our values, and we invite you to become part of this movement. Let us create an educational landscape with the potential to ignite societal transformation. If you believe that education is the key to change, join us!

We are ready to tackle the tasks of our time together and shape a world where education is not just a necessity but a burning passion.

Let's collaborate to build a positive future for all of us!

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