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The listed castle of Guteneck is located in the eponymous municipality of Guteneck in the district of Schwandorf in Bavaria, Germany.

Under the visionary leadership of Burkhard Graf Beissel von Gymnich, the castle has transformed into a place with an impressive variety of activities and experiences. From captivating moon phase wood artworks to an exhilarating archery course, the castle provides a fascinating environment for various events.

Schloss Guteneck serves not only as a venue for corporate health seminars, specialized workshops, and other programs but also offers versatile spaces for celebrations, weddings, and corporate events. Here, history and imagination merge to create a unique atmosphere where dreams become reality and Graf Beissel's vision shapes a world of infinite possibilities.

Gerlinde Maria Wagner had the privilege of meeting Graf Beissel in 2006, and it is a special opportunity for her to organize her unique event, "Too Cool For School," in this enchanting location. Immerse yourself in this inspiring environment where education is reimagined, allowing young people to ignite their curiosity, creativity, and innovative spirit.

Burkhardt Graf Beissel von Gymnich
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